Spike Pillows by Lex Lee: Spike Lee?

I turned 27 yesterday.  

Ok moving on. 


Today I am going to talk to you a little bit about Spike and the origin of the Anti-Pillows. You see, a lot of work as an interior designer centers around pillows.  I know, it seems silly, but so much time and money is spent on designing and making and invoicing custom pillows.  


In design school, I used to joke with my friend John that “I’m not picking pillows”.  That’s how people look at interior designers: as pillow pickers and not for the beautiful and creative geniuses we are.  

Enter the Anti Pillow collection and mainly “Spike”.  Spike is the result of a growing resentment for throw pillows.  You look at Spike and you think “whoa….can’t sit there” but really you CAN sit there.  Spike is soft and squishy.  He just looks like an extremely dangerous weapon on the outside.  With Spike, you don’t need 40 other pillows on your sofa or bed.  You just need Spike; and Spike needs you.  

In a way, we are all Spike. Misunderstood, but with a down-filled center. 


With that said, Spike comes with a hefty price tag.  He’s made in Los Angeles…BY HAND…and it takes awhile.  To all of you lovely people who have written to me about Spike, I hear ya and I’m working on getting that price wayyyy down. Until then, they are $350 and come in any color you can imagine.  

I stand with Spike,



All photos by the darling @jzobphoto who is currently at NYFW shooting many pretty things!

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