Weird Things I Do and Why You Should Do Them Too!

I’m weird.  So are you.  “Weird” is one of those words for me that I have to double check and make sure the “e” and the “i” are in the right place.  Yes, I just googled to make sure.  Other words I would probably mess up were it not for spell-check: “occasion”, “restaurant” and “occurrence”—-yep, didn’t get that one right on the first try.  God bless the rapper Webbie for his 2007 release of “Independent” or I would constantly throw an “a” in at the end.    

This has very little to do with what I am going to blog about today, but I just want you, dear readers, to know as much as you can about me.  And how I’m actually a very good speller, just not with common words.  

Today is all about the weird things that have become a habit for me and how they have been positive moves for me overall.  I invite you to give one or all a try and let me know how it goes for you.  

1.  I keep my Read Receipts on:  Read Receipts and I have been together for about 8 months now.  It’s getting pretty serious.  Ok hear me out.  If your friends know you keep yours on and you are busy working or studying…they will stop blowing up your phone because you are legitimately occupied.  If you do open a text, you are now accountable to give a thoughtful response.  And you should; everyone deserves that!  And finally…my favorite reason…you get to loudly ignore people should your evil little heart desire.  

2.  I introduce myself on the phone before asking to speak to someone: We’ve all been an assistant or we will be one at some point.  We will all have to answer phones or make phone calls (if you haven’t, OMG what do you do and take me with you).  Please don’t be that person that goes “HI CAN I TALK TO LEX?”—-Uhh, who are you? Where do you come from? Why must you make me start this conversation with an interrogation?  Let’s start over: “Hi, this is Dave Franco, I’m in everything.  Can I please talk to Lex?”  No, Dave, I have a boyfriend.  

From Left to Right:  1. The Holy Read Receipt Function | 2.  is not amused on phone (also, idk why I originally took this photo months ago, but hey it works. 

3. On nights I’m not with Hunter, I sleep with Ted:  If this is the first post of mine that you are reading, let it be known that I am in love with 2 men.  One is YouTube-Host-Extraordinaire, Hunter March.  The other is the tiniest fattest puff of a Yorkshire Terrier named Ted.  There are multiple studies that say sleeping with a pet reduces the amount of good quality sleep you are able to get.  I say STFU, do you see how cute he is?  When that alarm goes off at 5:30am, there is a rat on my bed that gives me a look like “you can do anything you set your mind to!—let me go to the bathroom first, but after that, you can achieve your goals!”.  Seriously, waking up with a little furry nugget is a great way to start your day stress free.  

4.  I fold my clothes vertically within the drawer:  This is a fairly recent change that I have stolen from a kick ass book called “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up”.  Go get it now, read it, and boom: your next weekend will be devoted to tidying the sh*t up out of your things. I am actually having a garage sale today with all of the items I burned through in the tidying process.  The folding thing is a more efficient way of storing your clothes in drawers and it lets you see everything in the drawer at once.  It’s pretty and it’s easy (insert terrible joke that sets women back a thousand years here).   

From Left to Right: 3. What is on my bed and how do we kill it? | 4.  The Life Changing Magic of Wearing Mostly the Same Thing Everyday

5.  My boyfriend and I don’t drink:  I mean on weekends, I’ll get a little crazy and order a Diet Coke or 2.  He’s 24.  I’m 25. (Ooh, an older woman) So legality is not the issue.  I used to drink, but hangovers and embarrassing text messages just aren’t cute anymore.  They were never cute, but you can get away with a lot in your early twenties.  It’s been almost a year of no drinking for me and I will write more in depth about that and how easy it actually was in another post soon. Sneak preview…you get abs!  


Things you can do when you don’t spend time together partying: Climb trees, wear matching shoes with Kanye, embarrass me in restaurants (I messed that spelling up THREE times just now), make me happy.  Yeah, yeah, I know…we annoy me too.  

So go forth my loves, get weird!

Weirdest Regards,