This is How We Do It

I think I’m going to be struggling with these intros for awhile.  Do I say “Hey Guys” or “Dear Readers”?  Possibly, “What’s Gucci?” I mean, I’m beyond happy that more people than just my mom subscribed to this blog.  I think I will just settle now with “Hi”. 


Today we are going to be talking about the importance of the “To Do List”. Boring, right?  WRONG, To Do Lists are possibly the most fun you can have without taking your top off.  In fact, the second best activity I do with my boyfriend is create To Do Lists.   The first is holding hands, duh.  (That was for my mom.  Seriously, she subscribed.) Things I’ve done this week:

Clockwise from Top Left: Got my new glasses, courtesy of Warby Parker, (thank you!) | Tested out exposed wood screws for my dining chair | Verified dimensions on my ottoman |  Received the fabric that I will use on all of my prototypes


The following is what I personally use and it is a blend of techniques pulled from the masters:  30 Day Push  & Getting Things Done. 

  1.  Divide your tasks: Work or Personal
  2. Subdivide each main category into smaller ones.  Personal can encompass things like Health/Fitness or Car Maintenance.  You can see how I subdivide my categories by downloading the list below.  
  3. Write down every single thing you need AND want to accomplish in each area in the next 2-3 months.  Yes, this will take a good chunk of time, but once it’s on paper, it’s out of your head and won’t keep you up at night. The key is to get so specific with each task that you have broken everything down into 5-10 minute tasks.   
  4. Each day, pull from the above master list what will be your tasks for the day. Don’t get carried away. Pick a few and just go for it.   
  5. Repeat.

I’m a huge nerd for productivity hacks, and so I want to give you a head start and show you my personal To-Do List that you can edit and use for yourself.  Enter your email to download my To Do List: 

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Some To-Do’s I’ve already crossed off my list:

Purchased Domains: I bought almost 2 years ago…yes, that’s how long this has been floating around my dumb head. And is about to hit its 1 year mark. Why so long? Making furniture is hard! Back off.  If you have an idea for a domain name, RUN and go buy it now. They are inexpensive and extremely limited. I’m thinking of buying domain names for my future children. I bought mine at GoDaddy.

Filed a DBA: “Doing Business As”...also known as a “trade name” or a “fictitious name”.  Apparently in the state of California, you can’t just pick a name and run with it. You have to let the good people of your community know who is behind such a kick ass name. It also lets you get a bank account and start receiving some hard earned money! If you are starting a small business, a DBA helps in the process to legitimize your business and its reputation.  I mean, wouldn’t you feel comfortable writing a check to “Plumbing Perfection” rather than some guy named Steve.  No offense, Steve.  

I filed a DBA with Legal Zoom and it was the most painless process ever. The most work I did was get 2 documents notarized and that was good for me…I needed to get out of the house.  FYI, I am not an affiliate for Legal Zoom, just a happy customer.  Get started here: Filing A DBA.

Secured A Furniture Deal:  Most importantly, I found a great furniture workshop that was willing to take me in and let me run wild, semi wild, rather, with my design ideas and agree to make the first run of all of my products. Everything is made in Los Angeles with responsibly sourced materials.  I will write a future post on how I snagged this sweet deal and how you, dear readers, can talk your way into almost anything.  That was a bold statement, Lex, hope you can deliver.  

Exterior of my workshop in Los Angeles

Some BIG To-Do’s I have yet to accomplish:

  • Launch both websites. 
  • Hire an intern.
  • Sell a damn piece of furniture.

And because I just love lists of all kinds, I will leave you with another one:

Future Topics I will Cover:

  • What the heck is Minimal Instinct?
  • Why I now say “heck” and “the F-word” rather than the actual F-word.
  • What it’s like dating a YouTuber.
  • Sports: What exactly are they?


Love you long time (thanks for the suggestion, Colin!),