Made with Love and White Goose Down Feathers

But I do have Vegan options available too. 

Well, kids, it happened.  I shot my first furniture collection yesterday with the help of my extraordinarily awesome friend, Randy Nakajima.  He usually photographs people, not things, and he prefers not to deal with cilantro.  

While he pretended my chairs were hot girls in streetwear, I hovered around him taking “shots for the ‘gram.”  I also took some shots for you guys and my mom so you can see some behind-the-scenes looks of my babies.  

Most of the samples in the collection use a plain chenille fabric, waxed brass, and raw oak (ok, not totally raw because that’s a stupid thing to do when it comes to moisture—-but oak that has not been stained).  The collection is entirely customizable where you get to pick the fabric, the metal finish, and the wood finish.  It’s the best Choose-Your-Own-Adventure series for adults.   

I rented studio space 2 miles from my shop at First Names which is perfectly located next to a place that serves both southern-style fried chicken & Chinese food.  

All of the pieces are made in my Los Angeles shop with responsibly sourced raw materials. I have the best poplar, oak, walnut, down, foam, fabric, thread, hardware and people IN THA GAME.  I draw all of the construction drawings myself and write up all of the upholstery details myself. There is no sending off to other countries…not that I am not in support of helping developing countries, but I am also asking you to pay a lot of money for these things and it would be irresponsible of me not to oversee the quality myself.      

Oh, I also make this rad spiked pillow because I have a love/hate relationship with traditional throw pillows.  I usually hate throw pillows, but sometimes you need something to hold when you are watching a scary movie by yourself because you make terrible decisions.  

You can see the rest of my collection when it goes online in the next few weeks!  

On to the next one,