Let Sleeping Dogs Lie...Down On My Designs

First, let me tell you I’m exhausted from patting myself on the back for coming up with this blog post title.  Now, onto the goods:

If America were in college, she’d be like “IT’S MY BIRTHDAY WEEK!”  Yes, readers, it’s 4th of July weekend and while you are reading this, I am hopefully in a boat on a lake wearing an adequate SPF (50 and above people!).  In actuality, it’s Monday and I am going to spend time with you talking about what’s going to be on my mind this week: fur/niture. 

fur/niture is my line of pet-related furniture.  I know…so hot right meow.  I’ve always been a believer in the idea that one should create the things that we wish existed.  I am tired of round dog beds with shearling tops.  And you all know how I feel about animals and the Teds of the world.  So here is a sneak peek at the sketches of FUR/NITURE! 

And this wouldn’t be on my mind at all if it weren’t for the tireless efforts of my dogs being adorably sleepy.  Btw, did you know Ted has a camera-shy brother named Max?  (Full Name: Mister Max).  I got him pretty good in one photo…had to sort of force the second one.  

Happy Birthday, America!  You don’t look a day over 22!