Dating A YouTuber

Today’s post was going to be a formal introduction to my first Vlog on YouTube, but alas, things have changed.  I do hope you have all found the work out from last week entertaining if not informative and life changing.  

So then, what are we going to talk about today?  Perhaps we should talk about what it’s like to date a YouTuber…after all I did say that I would write about this.  And I want to make sure I get this post in before I have more subscribers than Hunter.  

Here it is folks, an extensive rundown of what it is like to date a YouTuber:

  • They touch their hair a lot.  They won’t let you touch their hair a lot.  That is, of course, until they are done filming for the day and they need you to play with their hair.  
  • They lock themselves in a room and shout things over and over. 
  • They give away iPads to people they don’t know.  They buy you lunch. (ok, like a lot of lunches)
  • You sometimes see them in magazines!
  • They get asked for pictures and you stand there trying not to get just as excited as the fangirl.
  • Sometimes you get recognized too!  And this just blows your mind. 
  • You are forced into brainstorming lists like this one. 
  • You have to sit in front of the camera so they can adjust the focus.  
  • You have to pretend to know how to do a soundcheck so they can adjust the mic. 
  • You secretly love it and pretend like you’re Katie Couric. 
  • You run into their equipment a lot…mostly tripods and lights. (Also, that’s Dylan March  He’s been begging to make an appearance on my blog.  Hi Dylan)
  • You take selfies with said lighting. 
  • Your date nights end in hot, steamy, hours of editing in bed.  
  • You have to accept the fact that if they are in a video with someone else…they will inevitably get shipped with that person.  But guess what?  SHIPS SINK. OTP FOREVER Y’ALL
  • You have to learn what shipping and OTP mean.  
  • You have to share your boyfriend with Alex Aiono.    
  • You’re incredibly proud of them because they are smart as hell, super talented, and hard working and yes this is a picture of Hunter interviewing Rihanna.  
  • Oh and you have to ask permission before posting certain photos like these (which I did not do):


And there you have it.  This is what it is like to date a YouTuber.  Consult your physician and leave a comment below if you think this may be the lifestyle for you.  I reply to all comments because I think it’s fun and I love talking to you.  


Oh, and a bonus list.  

Top things YouTubers will say to their significant other:

  • Do I look shiny?
  • How’s my hair?
  • Was that (take) funny?
  • What if I did a video about….
  • Ok, baby can you watch this….
  • Do you see any logos?
  • Does this fit my brand?
  • I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to say “does this fit my brand?”
  • “Aesthetic”

Bye Guys,


P.S. I wasn’t kidding about Alex….