A Tale of 2 Businesses

I don’t think one can start an introductory blog post without being too cliche or overly profound.  Even that first sentence makes me want to throw my computer at a wall, but I need to start somewhere.

My name is Lex and I have used the same makeup routine for the last 2 years so I do not think I qualify as a prospective beauty guru.  On most days, I wear sweat pants and, if we’re being honest, the same shirt I wore to sleep the night before.  So I think that knocks me out of the fashion blogger category.  Plus, my boyfriend is far too busy to take photos of my outfits on the off chance we are free to eat at a cute cafe.  Speaking of food, I pack my lunch every single day and it’s usually overcooked salmon and some type of green thing.  You guessed it, I’m not a foodie either. 

What I am is a designer and an optimistic entrepreneur.  I plan to launch 2 businesses at the same time: a furniture line under my name, Lex Lee and an e-commerce site, Minimal Instinct.  I forgot to mention, I already have a full time job helping designers build custom furniture.  Remember when I said “optimistic”?

Now is where I tell you that this blog will document that journey.  Now is when you puke into your own hand.  

Every week, I’ll keep you updated on my progress and give you tips on starting your own business… or businesses (if you too are hell bent on burning out.) You will also hear about my set backs and what I do to try to keep my sanity intact. You will even be asked to weigh in on tough decisions I need to make: this piece or that, what tagline to use, and whether or not my boyfriend should frost his tips. Never mind, we know the answer already… yes. 

So I invite you to subscribe to this blog, relax, and look into the mind of someone who refuses to fail and will ultimately just show you pictures of her dog, Ted. HE’S SO CUTE!

See you next week, (comment below with a sign off suggestion)


P.S.  Yes, my male counterpart is Hunter March of youtube.com/huntermarch

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