Forget About Everything You Do

Have you ever had so much to do that instead of doing any of it, you go on Instagram?  Yeah, me too.  

That’s because it’s easy and requires no extra thought.  It’s like breathing or calling your mom to put like $30 into your account so you can go to the grocery store because you’re in college and you’re broke.  Or you’re out of college and you’re still broke… Mom?  You don’t have to think twice about it.  Wouldn’t it be great if a lot of the items on your To-Do list were just as easy to do?  My goal today is to help you stop thinking about everything you need to do and just do it.    

Areas in your life you can put on Auto-Pilot today:

1.  Gym Sessions – I hate thinking and I hate working out.  So I really really hate thinking about working out.  I work out at least 5 days a week and if I’m being totally honest: sometimes it sucks and sometimes your pants are see-through.  Here are my tips to make things easier:

  • Get 5 pairs of gym tights so that you only have to wash them once a week.  Not $90 Nike or Lululemon.  Here’s a great pair for $19 that will keep everyone guessing what color your underwear is.

  • When you sign up for a gym membership, say YES to the personal training promotion.  It’s the fastest way to get acquainted with your gym and get well-rounded sessions before you do it on your own.  

  • OR:  Run a nice long loop around the block, it’s free.  

  • Tony Horton has made enough money, bootleg P90X online.  

2.  Grocery Lists – Make your list once and restock each week as necessary.  I have given you mine and let me warn you: it is very boring.  I hate to cook, but I need a base so that I don’t just order at the taco truck that comes to my shop every day.  You can start with mine and edit as you wish but stay out of the sugar.   Enter your email to get the list:

3.  Podcasts on Commute – Don’t just listen to EDM on your way to work.  Subscribe to the following and fuel your brain.  

  • This American Life:  Great human interest pieces that often leave me wiping up tears right before I go into work.  Not necessarily sad tears, sometimes tears like “wow, people aren’t always a-holes”.

  • The Chalene Show:  You guys think I’m your mom.  This is your mom.  She’s super motivational and encouraging and genuine.  She gave her grocery list away and now I’m doing the same for you.  

  • The Tim Ferriss Show:  I would never want to date Tim Ferriss because he would be too busy talking about skinning a knee in Panama, or doing Muay Thai in the Swiss Alps—-but he brings on incredible guests who spill every detail about their secrets to success.  

  • Startup:  It’s the podcast version of this blog!  Ok, Lex, calm down.  But, yes, it is a podcast about starting a business and what a nightmare it can be!  Season 2 highlights a business with female co-founders and you all know how I feel about girl power:  It’s the tits!  I can’t wait until it’s not a huge thing to be like: OMG and they’re….LADIES?!? cue explosion 

  • Mystery Show:  1.  The host has an incredible voice—-like maybe she should take a sip of water but you hope that she doesn’t.  2.  It’s a show about mundane mysteries like, most recently, how tall is Jake Gyllenhaal?  GROUNDBREAKING!

  • COMEDY BANG! BANG!:  I lost my podcast virginity to this one and so it is very special to me.  I save it for my Friday drives when the week has beaten me stupid and I can’t hear another word of motivation.  

  • The Actual Life Of…:  It’s not out yet, but I am in love with the host and he’s nice to my mom.  Yes it is Hunter’s new podcast where he gets YouTubers to open up about their deep dark family secrets and then he makes fun of them! 


Things I need to Automate:  These BLOGS!  Right now, I’m actually at the shop writing this when I should be drawing a tufted bench…   

Hot Tip:  Never automate your family/your girlfriend/your boyfriend/your friends/your Ted.  The whole point to automate other things in your life is to save time and use that time to spend it with them.  #BrosBeforePhones. 

Autobots Roll Out,