Don't Call it a Comeback

I've spent the last 9 months in a general state of momentum.  While it's not going to slow down any time soon (knock on wood), there are a few things that have become more stable of which I am 100% stoked.  

Let's compare to my last post about the things I wanted for 2016:

1. Learn to Cook: I no longer set the fire alarm off when I look at my oven!  AND I can measure a tablespoon without using a tablespoon. AND I know what tarragon is!  

2. Find a Home:  I now have a place to put all the weird things I make at work!  We also have lights that change color to music.  Because that matters I guess!

3. Get a Dog: You've all seen him. He is my everything.  So is Hunter.  But Hunter doesn't have an underbite.

Me, with dog, in new apartment.  Not pictured: an oven pre-heating to 400 degrees. #GOALS | photos by: Jordan Zobrist

I'm giving you this brief synopsis and then letting you know that I'm bringing back my blog and playing a bigger role in getting Lex Lee Studio to become the thing I have planned in my head...which changes weekly. 

You always see the cool and awesome things that happen to people on instagram and you hide all the flat tires, the parking tickets, the credit card debt, the never-ending pile of laundry, etc.  What happens in the interstices between a selfie that says "I'm so blessed to have the gift of time with my hubby" and "I love drinking fresh squeezed juice after hot yoga"?  For the record, I don't like to use this blog to complain about things but the word "hubby" is just plain stupid.  I'm sorry.

Sometimes, to get the thing on the left, you end up with the thing on the right.  | photos by: Claudio of Chamo Studios and Bank of America

Building your own business is hard.  Building your own business while having a full time job is harder.  Building your own business while having a full time job and trying not to succumb to the pressures of social media is the hardest.  So f*ck it.  I don't care anymore.  I don't care what she's doing.  I don't care what he's doing.  I just. don't. care. 

Say it with me: I DON'T CARE

A wise woman* once said to me at lunch today: "Keep your head down and work and don't worry about what other people are doing."  And that's exactly what I'm going to do.  And hey, you guys get to come along.  


Ok maybe it is a comeback,



*Sandy Wolff-Lee aka Hunter's Mom. 




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