Hey, sup?

Hello, it's me.  I was wondering if after all these months, you guys still gave a hoot about me.  I'm still alive, but it's been an interesting 4 months.  I'm here to give you a quick recap and then let you know about the future of this blog. 

-  Hunter and I have lived in 2 different Air bnb's while we look for a place to live.  One was near Alex Aiono which was pretty cool. I kid you not, I would park my car and literally hear him singing in his house. It was magical. 

-  We went to Australia.  I held a koala, and did not get chlamydia...because I already had it.  JUST KIDDING OMG, YOU SHOULD ALWAYS WEAR PROTECTION AND MAYBE NOT SEX A PERSON WITH CHLAMYDIA MAYBE.  

-  We turned down a reality TV show and I'm not allowed to tell you which one it was.  I don't event think I'm allowed to say I was up for it to begin with, but whatever this is a small blog.  Just don't say anything you guys. 

- I finally convinced Hunter to watch New Girl and we both discovered he was Schmidt.  

My goals for 2016 are pretty simple at their core, but very difficult to execute well.  

1.  Learn to Cook

2. Find a Home for Myself

3.  Give a Home to a Dog

Number 1 is well underway...in that I no longer set the fire alarm off every time I turn on the stove.  I bought a cast-iron skillet and it has literally changed my life.  No seriously, I'm pretty bad ass with it.  You can tell I'm pretty into meat and breakfast.  If you are a vegan, cheers to you.  I did it for a year. And I would love to do it again someday.  You thought I was going to say something mean, didn't you?  No. I'm a good person!

Number 2 (haha, like poop!) is almost there.  Hunter and I have found the perfect place to live, except it has no power or running water.  But who needs those?  Right now I'm in the middle of a very common interior design related problem: fitting an oversized sofa into an elevator....or a stairwell....or using a crane and hoisting that beast over the side of the building.  Doesn't that sound remarkably inexpensive?  Pro Tip: make sure you think about how sh*t is going to fit in your space BEFORE move-in day.  

Number 3 is probably the most difficult to complete in that I literally want all the dogs.  But what about Ted? Well, Ted belongs to my mother and she will lose her mind at the thought of parting with him.  Oh god, he is great though.  Here is a pup that I saw at 3rd Street Promenade and her owner asked the manager, "We have a puppy with us, can we still sit inside?" To which I responded, "Yes, but she has to sit next to me and give me kisses." You are correct, I am not the manager. 


The B*tch is Back, 

jk I'm not a b*tch,